I have to be in love with story to make a film: Aniruddha

It is your integrity, your love that reflects on the screen not any formula, said Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury at IFFI Goa today. Aniruddha’s film Antaheen is part of Indian Panorama and he was addressing media along with the actors Rahul Bose, Mita Vasisht and Radhika Apte. ‘All my films are very real, these are the situations and characters that I have experienced in real life………if I have to make a film I have to fall in love with the story’, added Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury who is working on two scripts for his Hindi debut.

Rahul Bose confessed that he interferes a lot in the script. ‘A proper story can be told only if you have some meaningful script behind it. Aniruddha is working on a new script for his Hindi film and I am interfering’, Rahul Bose revealed. Regarding his experience as an actor, Bose said that he doesn’t do commercial cinema as he finds it boring, he is looking for new experiences as an actor that has some depth. That is why the art of cinema has come to form a major part of his work. ‘I sometime do commercial cinema but that is just to change the taste in my mouth’, said Rahul Bose.

Mita Vasisht said that Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury is so sure about what he wants but there in always an openness to accept new possibilities. His sense of visual is excellent and you feel good to be standing in his frame. She also said that flexibility of ticketing system in IFFI Goa will enable delegates from the industry to catch many more movies and will make their experience more rewarding. Rahul Bose who is in IFFI Goa for the third time said that Goa is the most beautiful location for a film festival and this time it is relatively smooth and wrinkle free.

In his note for the Panorama booklet Aniruddha has written “the central theme of my film, Antaheen is urban loneliness. My characters are surrounded with the clutter and activities of modern day living, which gives them an outwardly sense of purpose but the loneliness which envelopes them is more intense. A search to fill this emptiness, drives their lives, and entangles them in relationships, which are intangible and removed from the real world.”