FUEL Tamil will be used for all major Linux based distributions

Fuel logoA two days workshop on the standardization of Tamil computing terminologies was organized on 12th -13th December 2009 at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC),  Chennai under the FUEL project.  The  workshop aimed at the community review and standardization of frequently encountered computing terminologies in Tamil. FUEL Tamil Evaluation meet aimed at solving the problem of inconsistency and lack of standardization in computer software translations. This workshop was being hosted and sponsored by C-DAC, Chennai.

At this occasion several people and volunteers from different field discussed about the appropriate equivalent on 578 commonly appearing entries under FUEL list coming under popular applications people use in day to day life. Before the Tamil language FUEL already released this list in Hindi, Marathi and Maithili languages.

FUEL project is a community project initiated by Red Hat. It is hosted on FedoraHosted.Org. FUEL tries to provide a standardized and consistent computer interface for users. FUEL Tamil Evaluation meet was a concrete move towards the problem and after the meet, FUEL Tamil comes with the standard translation of entries in Tamil language. One of the major success of the meet was that Tamil community accepted it for Boss, Fedora, and Ubuntu distributions. They agreed that from translation purposes they will use it in the Tamil different applications.

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