Fifth Gorakhpur Film Festival to begin from 4th Feb

The fifth Gorakhpur Film Festival, Cinema of Resistance,to begin from 4th February. This will last on 7th February 2009. This time the premier of leading Indian filmmaker Ranjan Palit’s new film ‘IN CAMERA’ will take place in this Gorakhpur film festival.

Besides this new film, Anupama Srinivasan’s movie ‘I WONDER’ and Debranjan Sarangi’s  ‘THE CONFLICT: WHOSE GAIN WHOSE LOSS’ will also be showcased. This whole event is organised by the fund received from ads published in the souvenir and by private cooperation. During this festival several feature films and documentaries will be shown. Gorakhpur Film Festival can be termed as a great success of the efforts of the people associated with Jan Sanskriti Manch and EXPRESSION, Gorakhpur Film Society.