Revival of Triveni Sangh

The Triveni Sangh, Bihar, Patna is going to celebrate its 77th establishment day ceremony on 30th May, 2010. The venue will be in the meeting hall of Patel Seva Sangh on the Daroga Prasad Roy Road in Patna. The establishment day celebration will be covered into two sessions. The inaugural session will start at 11 AM with three members presidium. The function will be inaugurated jointly by noted author namely Shrikant and Prassana Kumar Chaudhray. Ramchandra Purve, Prem Kumar Mani, Ali Anwar, Ashish Ranjan Sinha, Dr Gorelal Yadav, ex MLC Usha Sahni, Dr Lalita Yadav and many more are the speakers in the session. The second session will be for all. The vision of the people will decide the future of Triveni Sangh.

The Triveni Sangh was initially founded in the year 1933 by Sardar Jagdeo Singh Yadav, Chaudhari Yadunandan Prasad Mehta and Dr Shivpujan Singh. They belonged to Yadav, Koiri and Kurmi caste respectively. After the Provincial Committee was organised, Late lamented Dasu Singh was elected the first president of the Sangh. Although the founding fathers of this organisation belonged to three castes only but the motto of the Sangh was to promote the welfare of the oppressed, repressed and suppressed class of the state of Bihar. Today Triveni Sangh includes the three oppressed classes of the people belonging to the scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes.

Triveni Sangh, today, is a non political organisation as against its initial days of foundation. In the years in the 3rd decade of last centuray, the Triveni Sangh involved its strenght in the Bihar provincial election of 1937 held under the Govt of India Act. Though all the Sangh’ s candidate were defeated by the Congress but the effort was the felt necessity of the time. Those who contested were Nandkishore Singh from Piro, Tapsi Ram Mahto from Arrah, Jadu Mahton from Gaya, Sardar Jagdeo Singh from Barh, Ramcharitra Chuarasia from Hajipur, Ganpati Mandal from North Munger, Nardeep Chandra Ghosh from South Munger and Dasu Singh from Patna.

The first literature of this organisation is traced back in 1940 when Yadu Nandan Prasad Mehta authored a book titled “Triveni Sangh Ka Bigul.” The booklet speaks of its aim and ambition and Programme to be executed. It also deals its relation with the Congress Party and its involvement in the war of National Independence. The declaration of the leaders were as follows: ‘The Triveni Sangh wishes to abolish social, religious, political and economic empiricism and to establish social, religious, political and economical and scientific socialism. It wanted a self government and better governance.

The intelligentsia and activists of Bihar, mostly from SCs, STs and OBCs  have decided to revive the the Triveni Sangh. The activists associated with this organisation think that today efforts are being made by several forces to dilute the unity of all backward classes by dividing them in Dalit and Maha Dalit and Backward Castes and More Backward castes. The intelligentsia associated with the Sangh feel that the Backward Community have become a prey to the policy of ‘Divide and Rule’. So they want this organisation to propagate and launch programmes for the sake of genuine awareness. Now in place of outdated ‘Manu Smriti’, the leaders of the Sangh will try to push the ‘Mandal Smriti’ (Mandal Report) for the overall development of SC/ST/OBC.