Three poems by Ankit Kumar


The deeper I think
The holier I be
Life is a game
Which we all wish to flee

Cogency is what everyone wants
Laconicity respected by none
For peace we say we can’t
Love is now, all for fun

We fell sad for any kind of cide
But it matters for no one
Then why are we petrified
When care for us is done by none

Jealousy, hatred is what mind mounts
Happiness, love, peace, now no one counts

We are angry, burning now
Few want to make things perfect
But they don’t know how

Sleepless nights, somniferous days
They live
Love, love, love is all they
Try to give

The day will come
When we all will die
Try to evolve love
Otherwise a day before
We will cry


Some days come and some pass
The memory get stuck to some
Which always lasts

I remember those days
So what if they were sad
I smile when I think
About the days which were bad

Painful were some,
Neuralgic few
But when I sit alone
It gives me a nostalgic view

Sometimes I stop midway
Don’t feel to think
But it’s always too late
And I fall somewhere in a blink.

I struggle hard to come out
But cannot see any gate
Cry, shout all I try
But there’s no escape from the fate.

But days pass too
And thought dries
All I hear now is
No more cries.

I remember those days
Yes, they were happy
Still thinking of those memories
Pain and sadness ensembles in my gallery


Opened eyes but nothing seen
Blindness that covers me within
Droplet of water that flows down
Have some painful memories which it surrounds

The mistake was made
Long time back
Why do I regret now?
Sea of guilt has reached my neck
I feel low
I feel low
I feel low

Yes, the mistake was mine
I took that blow
But now things appears to be fine
Then why do I feel so low

Things were different then
Indifferent now
I was sad then
Not so much happy now

The path of life has been narrow
Which always had some glibness
It gave me lots of sorrow
With a life, spiritless

With these situations, now I cope
But things will alter soon
I keep inside a light of hope
Hope to see a new moon

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